Welcome to Beauty Tracks Cattery.  British shorthair kittens and cats are our joy.

We breed  purebred British shorthair from our small in-home cattery located in Washington state. We are registered and show in TICA.  This breed is one we truly adore. And, as you may well know, are very easy to care for.

 They make wonderful pets and are well adapted for indoor living. They get along well in a single person household or with larger families and other pets.

As kittens they are fun, playful and affectionate. As adult cats, they are calm and enjoy the company of their owners. These beautiful cats are content to laze around and watch the goings-on, and other times will follow you from room to room.

We thoroughly love our British shorthairs! We allow our cats to explore the great outdoors under our supervision. So they can get some fresh air And can enjoy pouncing on bugs and chasing each other across the yard.  A hummingbird buzzing by is a definite attention getter that they enjoy!

You’ll find that a British Shorthair, in general, likes to be with you, in the same room or at least nearby. Most commonly, they prefer to lay beside you on the couch, rather than on your lap. This breed has a British-shorthair-kittens-for-salemellow personality.  You won’t hear much meowing. However each cat will definitely have its own individuality. We have some that are quite content lounging on our lap and others that will carry on a conversation with us. We’re not quite sure what’s they’re saying…but the meows seem friendly enough!

We regularly interact with our kittens after their eyes have opened as the early stages of their life are most influential in their socialization. All of our cats live in our home and are part of our daily lives.

Our cat’s are fed high quality meat-based foods that are nutritionally sound.  Cats are carnivorous and should not be fed foods containing fillers like corn/wheat or any byproducts. These ingredients do not promote health. We feed our cats and kittens quality dry food, lots of fresh water and canned foods as a treat a few times a week.   It is important to keep in mind that as a British Shorthair cat ages, it is easy for them to put on excess weight that can lead to health issues. So be sure to feed a balanced diet without extra carbohydrates and encourage play time so they will get important exercise that can improve their health and prolong their life. (Just like it does for us humans!)

Adopt your British Shorthair kittens from us. You will find them to be amazing and non-demanding companions.








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